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Enable everyone to get the look that they desire.

At Roop, we are driven by an intense desire to democratize beauty, and to enable everyone to look their best. To help you achieve the look of your dreams, we are bringing the latest in dermatology, beauty, and artificial intelligence – all wrapped in an app for you.

Roop is your own personal beautician.

We built Roop to be your own private beautician: always with you, and working for you. Just scan your face, and it identifies the issues and conditions you might need help with, using the latest in computer vision and artificial intelligence technologies. Roop then generates customized skincare and beauty regimens, just for you, and recommends products that can help you get to your goals, thereby taking the guesswork out of beauty.

Why start with acne?

In 2015, acne was estimated to affect 633 million people globally, making it the 8th most common disease worldwide. Acne commonly occurs in adolescence and affects an estimated 80–90% of teenagers. And the resulting appearance can lead to anxiety, reduced self-esteem and, in extreme cases, depression or other serious disorders. Given the huge prevalence of this condition, acne is the first issue which we are helping our users with. We will gradually expand into other skincare and beauty issues with periodic app updates.

About Roop

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